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At Color-Pic, Inc. we take Copyright law very seriously. We aim to protect our photographers as well as our web designers and programmers. All of the images on this web site are protected by copyright law. Every aspect of this website is also protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized use of images or web code can result in severe monetary penalties. We reserve the right to fine up to 10 times the usage fee for stolen or unauthorized use of images or code. We also reserve the right to set that fee.

When images are purchased off this site that does not give the buyer ownership of that image. What is really being purchased is permission to use an image in a specific application for a specific amount of time. If you have any questions regarding this it is best you contact us before using this site.

Copyright FAQ's

I purchased an image, does that mean I can do whatever I want with it?
No, when you make a purchase you are receiving a license to use the image in a specific application for a specific amount of time. You do not own the image.

What happens if I use the image for something other than what the license agreement states?
Unauthorized usage can result in serious consequences. This is an infringement of Copyright Law and damages will be sought.

What if I re-use an image for something that I had previously licensed?
Any re-use is subject to fees although they are usually lower than the original license fee. Any unauthorized re-use is subject to monetary penalties.

Is a license required for an artistic rendering of an image?
Yes, a rendering in any medium requires the same licensing as the original image.

Can I re-create the image?
No, this is considered a form of plagiarism. Images should never be re-created.

Can I use parts of an image or alter an image?
Not without prior permission.

When does an image get copyrighted?
When it's created.

What if the photographer is no longer living? Is the work still copyrighted?
Yes, the work remains copyrighted for the life of the author/creator plus 75 years.

Does this website have a copyright?
Yes, every aspect of this website is protected by copyright law. Theft will result in monetary penalties.

More information can be obtained on the following links:

http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/ Copyright site of the US government

http://www.rightsforartists.com/ Copyright Education

http://www.whatiscopyright.org/ Copyright info

https://www.copyright.com/ Get permission to reproduce copyrighted articles and book chapters for photocopies, marketing literature, course packs, library reserves, websites etc..

http://www.nolo.com/encyclopedia/tc_ency.html Great resource on trademarks and copyright law

http://www.benedict.com/ Real world, practical and relevant copyright information

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